step-parent adoptions


Although many non-custodial parents involve themselves in their children’s lives, raising them and contributing to their growth as much as possible, there are occasions where non-custodial parents disassociate themselves from their children.  Often, a step-parent will step into the shoes of the absent parent.  Sometimes that step-parent will grow so attached to their new family, they will want to commit to the child for a lifetime through adoption.

A new family that is contemplating this process needs to be aware of an important restriction:  the biological parent must have truly severed their relationship with the minor child.  In order to proceed successfully with a step-parent adoption, it must be shown that the biological parent has not exercised any parenting time with the minor child for two years prior to the filing of the petition.  Further, the petitioner must be prepared to prove that the biological parent has not paid any child support during the same two year period.

It is a tragedy when biological parents elect to remove themselves from their children’s lives.  But it can be a triumph when a step-parent is willing to step into the shoes of the missing biological parent, and adopt.  The Law Offices of Gregory Dean in South Lyon, MI can help you achieve that triumph.

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